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The burning question

Peaches & Maple: The burning question

Friday, 10 May 2013

The burning question

What is the best floor covering for bedrooms?
We've been embarking on a few pricing missions over the past couple of weeks since the renovating mojo hit us again. Even though it's still a little way off we've been thinking about what exactly we're going to put down on the bedroom floors.
We really only have two options in this department.
Option 1: Tiles
Option 2: Carpet
And we just can't decide which we would prefer to go with, so I'm putting it over to you clever gals and guys to help us out.
In case you're new around here or you don't hang on my every very interesting word, here's a bit of background information to help you to help us ;)
  • Firstly, I'll be honest, I'm leaning more towards tiles, but I'm worried that it will affect our selling potential
  • We live in Brisbane which doesn't get overly cold ever
  • We currently live on concrete floors in our bedrooms and tiles everywhere else, which hasn't negatively impacted us in any way
  • We're looking at maybe another year and half before putting the house on the market, ie. this is not our forever home
  • Tiles are cheaper, cleaner (in my opinion anyway) and we've got plenty of experience with laying them ourselves
  • But I'm concerned with how they'll look (typical me, right?) 
  • Although I'm sure with a few jute floor mats and my mad styling skills I can pull it off ;P
  • We live in an area where brick and tile is pretty much standard
  • Good value carpet feels great to walk on but we can't afford anything luxurious
As you can see, I'm just all over the shop with this, so could you pretty please let me know what you think?
Alrighty then, carpet or tiles peeps?
Over to you....

Cas x


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