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Five for Friday - Weekend renovating to-do list

Peaches & Maple: Five for Friday - Weekend renovating to-do list

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Five for Friday - Weekend renovating to-do list

I would love to tell you that I'll be spending this weekend camped out right here on this couch, but now that we've been bitten by the renovating bug again, that's not going to be the case - even Mother's Day cannot stop a force this powerful ;) The ol' purse is still pretty empty right now so we're concentrating on getting things done in small bite size chunks that don't break the bank, but keep us moving forward. So here's the top five things we're aiming to scratch off the to do list this weekend:
1. Replace skirting boards in the laundry, toilet, and ensuite - I don't even know why this still hasn't been done! We've just been lazy I guess.
2. Replace cupboard doors in our bedroom and hallway - same, just kept getting put on the can't be bothered list
3. A leedle unfinished tiling project - another one that's long overdue - good lord, what is wrong with us?!?
4. Pull up the Grinch-Green carpet in the study - for some reason this room didn't get done when we pulled the rest of the carpet up. We prolly just didn't feel like it at the time and decided to watch a movie instead. That happens quite a lot around here!
5. Chop some wood and get the fireplace ready for our first fire of the season - okay, so it's not a renovating job but I really think we'll have enough on our plates as it is this weekend ;)
This list really doesn't paint a great picture of our motivation levels over the last twelve months or so, but I'm just being honest. I've come to realise over the past two and a half years that renovating happens in fits and starts - for us anyway. Unless you have butt loads of time and money (and let's face it, how often do you have both of those at the same time??), it's a slow process. 

So what's on your to do list this weekend?

Cas x

p.s. I think I might have to camp out on the couch for a while this evening and have a wine or two, just to keep my butt-groove imprinted in it. Because, you know, I'm thorough like that :P


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