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Mundane Monday

Peaches & Maple: Mundane Monday

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mundane Monday

It's got to be a downhill run from here. It just has to be. 
Let me explain.....
You see, I have this little puppy named Chloe, she is small and very naughty.
This morning, I was up bright and early, had the kids organised and ready to roll. The washing was on, dishwasher unpacked, beds made. I even had the panic attack that was bubbling away dangerously close to the surface over the fact that I have three assignments due by the end of this week, very firmly suppressed. 
Then Chloe happened.
Chloe is a border collie who loves nothing more than to chase moving objects. She particularly enjoys wheels. Normally I can go out to the carport, open the door, tell her to stay and she does. But this morning, just as I told her to stay, our neighbour and her small daughter came riding down the street on their way to school.
And Chloe chased them. For. Three. Effing. Blocks.
And so did I.
And the kids.
I'm surprised no-one stopped us to ask where the freaking Gingerbread Man was.
Finally I gave up, went home and got the car, drove slowly down the road looking for our imbecilic puppy, found her, still racing along beside our neighbours and wrestled her into the car, where she promptly settled her self across my lap and proceeded to drool all over my new top.
Butter wouldn't melt....
So now you know why my week is going to be easy, breezy from here on in. It just has to be!

How did you start your week?
Cas x


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