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Five for Friday - Survival tips

Peaches & Maple: Five for Friday - Survival tips

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Five for Friday - Survival tips

Yay for Friday!

As I mentioned earlier this week, today is the deadline for three assignments I have to hand in, so essentially I have spent the entire week tethered to my desk with an IV line of caffeine inserted into my arm (not really, but could you imagine that buzzzzzzzz?!?)
So I thought I might share my gratitude for the five things that helped me get through this week without having a full-scale meltdown:
1. Coffee - the sixth food group
2. Olly Murs - I salute you Mr. Murs for your dulcet, distraction-blocking tones and my tweeny-bopper daughters for introducing me to them
3. Food that comes in cans, toast and microwave ovens
4. Google -  truly a credit to humankind
5. The powers that be for allowing last minute blanket extensions. Bless you, you scholarly lords and ladies!

Now it's your turn - what five things got you through this week? (or one, if that's easier - I fully endorse not thinking too much ;P)



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