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Gratuitous musings about style and stuff

Peaches & Maple: Gratuitous musings about style and stuff

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Gratuitous musings about style and stuff

 Over the last few months I have been inspired by gorgeous girls like Tania and Pippa to add more of what I like to call spiky, green plants into my home. I never used to go for non-flowering plants at all, but since adding my potted palm into the lounge room and successfully keeping it alive for quite a long time now, I find myself  drawn to leafy, green plants a lot more. They just add a dash of instant fresh and tropical to a room I think.
Despite this new development in my ever evolving decorating style, I still and always will love a pretty flower or two about the place. I think it comes from my first decorating love.....that ethereal, flowery fusion of romantic ruffles and chipped white furniture that goes by the name of Shabby Chic. 
 Even though I moved on from that style quite some time ago after finding it to be too cloying and fussy for my tastes, I think a lot of what I do when I decorate is still influenced by those romantic beginnings. These days I guess I'm a lot more relaxed about it all and I don't feel like I need to define or pigeonhole my style. 
It is just what it is. 
If I like something I'll work it in, if I don't like it, I get rid of it. 
I like to keep things simple.
 So how about you, what was your first decorating love? Do you still stick firmly to that style or has it evolved?

Cas x


At Tuesday, February 19, 2013 , Blogger Allison said...

gorgeous orchids...lovely first style was shabby chic ( I almost suffocated the family with it!!)...then went ultra modern...think I have found the real very much some kind of urban country shabby hybrid??....actually im just op shop chic! x

At Tuesday, February 19, 2013 , Blogger Angels have Red Hair said...

I just like what I like and I always have...if my style has evolved over the years I think that it's more to do with changes in the budget rather than changes in my taste.
Love the flowers and love your panelling...did you put that in yourself??

At Tuesday, February 19, 2013 , Blogger Catherine said...

I have absolutely no idea how I'd describe my style... I think it's still evolving. Eclectic probably. I love your style, no matter what you call it!

At Thursday, February 21, 2013 , Blogger Stylish Kylie said...

As I said to you the other day. When I look at my style it has romantic tones even though I don't think of my style in that way. Shabby chic is a bit OTT but the fundamentals are good and you have created your own style based on that foundation. K xx


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